Exit Capitalism! A New Board Game, Episode 30

In this episode, I invited François Allisson to talk to us about a game he made with some of his students called Sortons du capitalisme ! or Exit Capitalism! in English.

Two cards from the game. Translation of titles: Trust Fund Baby (left) and The Theory of the Dress (right). For further explanation in English, listen to the episode.

Thanks to Justine Loulergue, Thomas Bouchet, Etienne Furrer and Sina Badiei for agreeing to be recorded when we played the game at the Walras-Pareto Centre at the University of Lausanne.

The other games referred to in the podcast are KAPITAL and Class Struggle. To check out the history of Monopoly referred to at the end, listen here.

Featured music (apart from the usual intro and outro music): Sounds by Sonically Sound, Retro Funk and Melokocool, Game Over.

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